Electrical Safety

Faulty electrical systems don’t just hurt your pocket. Every year, deaths from electrocution and fire occur in homes and businesses. The most common causes are faulty appliances and faulty wiring. If you have an ageing electrical system or think that some of your electrics may have been installed or repaired by an unqualified individual. It’s a good idea to arrange for a test & inspection.

Moore & Saunders can provide you with an unbiased and honest electrical report for your home, business or rental property.

New installations and most alterations require certification by a qualified electrician or electrical contractor. As well as the safety aspect, there are a number of other implications like insurance and legal liabilities that need to be considered.

If you have any doubts about your electrics or obligations as a property owner, please do not hesitate to call. We are happy to advise and of course carry out an inspection.

For more information click here and view the online version of the Electrical Safety – Dwellings – Document P.

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